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Imani Gooden, the extraordinary singer, songwriter, and composer hailing from Harlem, New York, is making waves with her mesmerizing voice and vibrant persona. Imani's musical journey began in the 4th grade, supported by her parents. By age 15, she had penned 10 songs, recorded demos, and was a member of the girl group Uni-T. Her captivating performances graced iconic NYC venues, and her music even featured in a Sears commercial. In October 2020, Imani unveiled "Heart v Mind," a 21-track masterpiece, drawing praise for its emotional depth. Collaborating with Invisible Imagery Films, she released captivating videos for six album tracks, promoting multidimensional portrayals of Black women in entertainment. "Heart v Mind" is available on major platforms, with videos on YouTube. Beyond music, Imani showcased her acting chops in theater and web series. Her first post-pandemic live concert, "Winter in Harlem," celebrated her album's one-year anniversary. In 2022, she impressed in Crich Media's "Aj's Story" short film. And in January 2023, her music featured in "Love - Falling is the Easy Part." Imani most recently opened up for the international superstar Flavour at the world famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY. With a diverse portfolio spanning music, theater, and film, Imani Gooden is a rising star captivating audiences worldwide.

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